“Assertiveness is your ability to act in harmony with your self-esteem, without hurting others”

You feel the pressure throb in your veins. A lump rises in your throat as your friends, family or colleagues watch you closely. They are expecting an answer. They are expecting you to comply. Every fibre of your being wants to scream “NO I DON’T WANT TO.” But as if possessed, you automatically smile sweetly and say, “Yes, of course.”

” I don’t want to!”

What ever is going on here?! Why can’t we just say “no,” and walk away?

If this sounds like you then people-pleasing may be causing havoc in your life. It crushes your spirit repeatedly, it robs you of peace of mind and the courage to follow your goals and dreams.

It might also contribute to chronic issues in your life such as anxiety disorders, depression, addiction or co-dependency.

Here at Soul2Soul, we can help you become more assertive, teach you how to say no and voice your opinion. Learn not to seek the approval of others all the time and find your own self-worth.